The strategic cooperation between Tanikawa and Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Experimental Zone

Recently, Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Test Zone signed a formal cooperation agreement with Tanikawa Technology Co., Ltd.. Nansha Free Trade Zone pays high attention to the use of market forces to invite investment, broaden the channels of investment, improve investment efficiency, and plays the management functions of the government departments in more effective method. The cooperation, Tanikawa will recommend and promote high-end manufacturing, technological innovation, and financial services enterprises to operate their business activities in Nansha Free Trade Zone.

The network platform of Tanikawa has wealthy domestic and foreign project information resources and professional investment service team, adhering to the “thinking for client, using for clients, service for clients”  as our operation principle, relying on independent research and development project management system (MMS) to manage projects in scientific and efficient way, each year there are more than 100,000 enterprises to be provided location consulting and services.

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