The efficient site selection service has been become the “special business card” for Tanikawa

Recently, with the unremitting promotion by the Tanikawa, the new investment project of the Le Rui Ke Venture Capital Development Group has been started official operation in the Xiqing district, Tianjin. The project is located at Saida international Industrial City in Xiqing Development Zone, with a building area of about 4,100 square meters. The registered company is Tecom Biotech (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in research and development and production of functional staple food and nutrition powder. The Le Rui Ke Venture Capital Development Group is founded in 2010, focused on investing to health, science and technology and culture industry.

The headquarters of Le Rui Ke is located in Beijing, and plans to set up R & D and production base in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Due to the high requirements of the factory conditions, they have visited more than one field, but unsuccessfully, site selection was suspended. But Tanikawa did not stop the pace of site selection for the enterprise, and managed a number of experienced site selection consultants in Tianjin, Shandong, Hubei and other places to do in-depth research. With years of rich experience, Tanikawa locked Xiqing Economic Development Zone in short time. In the development zone, the biopharmaceutical industry has a high agglomeration degree, and it has unparalleled advantages in terms of policies, facilities and services. Finally, with the cooperation between Tanikawa and Xiqing Development Zone, the enterprise has successfully started their operation.

It is understood that the reason why the Le Rui ke chose Tanikawa is the the “special business card”in the field of site service. Tanikawa will continue to help enterprises to solve their problems on site selection, so that can help enterprises in further development.

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