China’s largest automatic parcel distribution system comes into service in Wuhan

China’s largest automatic parcel distribution system recently started service at a logistics center in Wuhan, Hubei province, Wuhan Evening news reported.

In addition to the optimized dispatching ability, the automatic distribution of robots system also contributed to the high efficiency of the logistics industry during China’s online shopping festival on Nov. 11.

The robots are able to sort more than 20,000 parcels each hour, saving 50% to 70% of human resources.

The robots use high-speed cameras to scan the codes of parcels on a conveyor belt and then automatically plan the optimal routes. In addition, the robots can return to a charging dock and recharge automatically.

The system, developed by China Post, includes 80 robots for sorting large parcels and 240 for small ones. These intelligent machines can help the logistics center handle 300,000 parcels each day.

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