China’s listed companies in “happiness industry” see rapid rise this year

China’s listed companies in the “happiness industry” saw a rapid rise, with gross revenue reaching 624.67 billion yuan ($94.6 billion) in the first three quarters of this year, up 13.91 percent on a year-on-year basis, reported on Nov. 16.

Statistics shows that nearly 90 percent of China’s listed companies in the happiness industry, as well as tourism, culture, sports, health, education and training, and elderly care industries, achieved profitability, and 65.74 percent of the companies increased their net margin in the first nine months of this year.

The health industry performed the best among all industries during the period. The revenue and net margin of 45 companies in this industry increased by 21.7 percent and 35.2 percent, respectively, compared with the last year, indicating 241 million yuan in net profit on average for each of them.

In addition, statistics show that total revenue of three listed companies in the education industry grew by 64.75 percent on a year-on-year basis, and average net profit of 132 million yuan for each of them.

The sports industry showed the strongest profitability among all industries. A total of 27 listed companies in this industry achieved net profit of 14.19 billion yuan during the period, and the net margin for each of them reached 526 million yuan.

Moreover, listed companies in China’s tourism industry increased their revenue during the period, and demand in the elderly care industry also grew steadily, although it is still in the primary stage of development.

Analysts say that Chinese people’s rising aspirations to live a better life provides a sound development environment for China’s happiness industry, which, in turn, will further improve China’s happiness index.

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