The investment environment in Chongqing

Chongqing, as an investment destination of highest potential in West China, has the following five advantages:


Chongqing is located at the core of the economic belt of the upper Yangtze, connecting China’s vast west and eastern coast. It is the key region for implementing China’s Go West Policy.


Chongqing is the only transportation hub in West China that integrates water, land, and air transportation. Several trunk railways and artery expressways meet in Chongqing. Fleets of three thousand-ton ships can reach Chongqing port along the Yangtze. Chongqing Jiangbei Airport is one of China’s major airports. Chongqing is one of the load centers of the State Grid in West China. Chongqing has a highly reliable energy supply thanks to the abundant local output of coal and natural gas.

Industrial sectors

Chongqing has diverse and competitive industrial sectors as well as a good supplier network. Chongqing was one of China’s industrial bases and now is strengthening its five backbone industries: automobile & motorcycle, chemical & pharmaceutical, construction & building material, food, and tourism. Chongqing is also expediting the development of the high-tech industries: IT, bioengineering and environmental protection.

R&D and Education

Chongqing has a large pool of R&D talents in 1,000 more institutions and 34 universities and colleges. Over 600,000 people are engaged in R&D or technical work.

Market potential

Chongqing has enormous demands for consumption and investment. This attributes to its large population, the improvement of people’s living standards (from just having adequate food and clothing to the well-being), the emigration of residents and relocation of factories and towns from the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, large-scale infrastructure projects, protection of ecological environment and the treatment of pollution, and the upgrading of the old industrial bases.

At the new momentum of implementing the Go West strategy, Chongqing has its ambition. It plans to accelerate economic and social development, become the window of China to the world, exert its influence to surrounding areas, and back the development of the Southwest China and the upper Yangtze, based on the CENHUB strategic framework (to make Chongqing the centers of business and trade, finance and science, education, information and culture, the hubs of transportation and telecommunication, and a high-tech based modern industrial base).

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