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The Planning scope of Tianfu New District

Tianfu New District takes Chengdu Hi-tech Development Zone (the south section), Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shuangliu Economic Development Zone, Pengshan Economic Development Zone, Renshou Economic Development Zone, and Longquan Lake, Sancha Lake and the Longquan Mountain (referred to as “two lakes, one mountain “) as its main body, mainly including the south section of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Longquanyi District, Shuangliu County, Xinjin County, Ziyang City of Jianyang City, Pengshan County and Renshou County of Meishan City and involving 3 cities, 7 counties (cities, districts), 37 towns and sub-districts. The total area of Tianfu New District is 1578 square kilometers, among which the acreage within Chengdu is 1293 square kilometers, accounting for 81% of the planning area of Tianfu New District.

In the overall planning of the Tianfu New District, the urban construction land is about 650 square kilometers, including the existing stock and future increments and accounting for 40% of the total area. The remaining 60% will be all kinds of ecological land. In the urban construction land, industrial land and land for various types of production and life support facilities will be about half and half.

The ecological planning of Tianfu New District highlights“the surrounding of mountains and streams, combined layout, the fusion of industries and city, the Trinity, the comprehensive arrangement of the urban and rural areas, ecological pastoral, intensive development, smart low-carbon”. In the planning, there is a complete set of green space system that can be referred to as “one district, two wedges and eight belts”.

The Space Layout of Tianfu New District

The planning structure of Tianfu New District can be generalized by eight words ——one belt, two wings; one city, six areas.

“One belt” refers to the accumulation zone of high-end service functions which goes from Renmin South Road to Tianfu Avenue, goes southward along the axis of Tianfu Avenue, and gradually extends to Longquan Mountain and Sancha Lake.

“Two Wings” refer to the industrial belts in the east and west, including the accumulation zone of Cheng-mei high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries and the function belt of high-end manufacturing industries in Longquan Economical Development zone.

“One city” refers to Tianfu New City. This is one of the 13 strategic function areas to build proposed by Chengdu Municipal Committee last year. It also carries high-end features of Tianfu New District and high-end service functions such as the central business, headquarters and cultural administration will concentrate here. It is the main center of building regional production organization and life services.

“Six areas”refer to six comprehensive function areas divided according to leading industries and ecological isolations. They are intended to play the agglomeration effect of industries and are equipped with complete production and living services.

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