Tanikawa will expand financing channels for enterprises

Recently, Tanikawa signed a strategic partnership with Shenzhen Qianhai Power Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Xing Fu Investment Management Co., Ltd.. This marks the Tanikawa will extend the service chain to the financial services, Tanikawa will cooperate with the Fund companies to expand financing channels.

So far, Tanikawa has served more than 100,000 companies, many of which have financing needs. In order to effectively solve business problems and provide higher quality services, Tanikawa will provide a financial platform so that can connect fund managers and enterprises, and provide strong support for the development of both parties. For enterprises in different stages of growth, Tanikawa will help them to develop rapidly. At the same time, Tanikawa will help the Fund Party to obtain and screen the projects, it will reduce the time cost of finding good projects on the large extent. Through the two-way financial service from Tanikawa, the investment agencies and target companies will be in-depth cooperation, so that can realize a win-win situation between capital and industry.

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