China builds world’s largest high-speed rail network

China has established the world’s largest high-speed rail network, whose 22,000 kilometers high-speed rail lines are even longer than the rest of the world combined, an official announced on Dec.27.

“At current stage, China has 124,000 kilometers of railway and 22,000 kilometers of high-speed rail lines, while the latter has transported over 7 billion passengers,” Huang Xin, an official with China Railway Cooperation, was quoted as saying by

According to Huang, China possesses the most modernized and developed rail and high-speed rail network, as well as the fastest commercial bullet train. The country has designed and produced a great number of products regarding train control, equipment manufacture, and transportation security, with some of its high-speed rail technologies leading the world.

The total length of China’s high-speed rail will reach 38,000 km by 2025, and 45,000 km by 2030.

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