Chinese business owners satisfied with political environment: Survey

Chinese business owners were satisfied with the political environment in the localities where their enterprises are based, according to a survey on private businesses.

Respondents gave the political environment a score of 3.98 out of 5.0 total points, with five representing “very satisfied,” according to the survey.

Factors taken into consideration when rating the political environment include the efficiency of local governments in administrative approval and the integrity of officials, it said.

The survey found that the respondents were more satisfied with the political environment than the marketing environment, which scored 3.38 on the five-point system, with 3 representing “average.”

The entrepreneurs surveyed generally remained optimistic about China’s five-year outlook, indicating that economic and social crises were unlikely to occur.

The business owners gave scores of 2.51 and 3.24 for economic and social risks, respectively, the survey showed.

The survey interviewed people from 8,111 private enterprises, with 47.7 percent of the surveyed in the service industry and 29.6 percent in the manufacturing industry.

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