Happy Spring Festival

Dear comrades,

Filled with the harvest joy, the glory of success, we have gone from 2017, the period which we work hard together, and striding into the next process-2018. Review the past, we were with deep gratitude; looking the future path, we are with bright future ambitions. On the occasion of ring the old year out and the new year in, on behalf of all my colleagues at Tanikawa Technology Co., Ltd., to offer our sincere New Year’s blessing to all friends who have always supported us, and express our sincere respect and heartfelt gratitude! And extend the New Year’s congratulations and cordial greetings to everyone and your family!

In the past 8 years, Tanikawa hard works in the piece of fertile land China, growing out of nothing, expanding from a small to a large enterprise, surviving in the competition, innovating and developing. I am also honored to be the founder of the company, participated in and witnessed the fact that Tanikawa’s team has grown from 5 people to a technology service group with more than 240 colleagues and 14 local companies, leading the investment promotion industry.

The flourishing Tanikawa, the any progress what we made were inseparated from the support of the community and customers, also cannot be separated from everyone’s effort in Tanikawa. At the starting point of the new journey, we are thankful and striving to repay every support. We look forward to insight into the future trends and embracing the development and transformation, we look forward to understanding our customers deeply and providing the best services, we also look forward to creating new impetus for the regional economy development and contributing new energy to social and economic development through technology, information and services!

When you have the passion like the first love and religious will, you may accomplish your ambition on the large extent! The bell of the New Year is going to be knocked. We must continue our efforts, work hard with passion, never forget the beginning of our mind, and keep in mind the mission, carry out the service concept of “thinking for the clients, using for clients, serving for clients” and adhering to the principle of “Gather resources like a valley, steady and everlasting”,we need carry out “innovation, implementation, standardization and progress” as our core value, and will provide a platform for the company to continue its healthy growth and strive to create a full industrial chain so that can help enterprises to site selection scientifically, develop efficiently and assist the government in developing industries and optimizing the environment. The ultimate realization is the integration of technology, information and services, and cover our service to every city in the world.

Drink from the source, through the development of the past 8 years, we know that you have given us unparalleled power and confidence. Every progress and success made by Tanikawa cannot be separated from your concern, trust, support and participation. Your understanding and trust are the best motivation for our progress. Your attention and support are the source of our growth. Your every participation and every suggestion makes us excited and stimulate us to make continuous progress. Because of you, we have everlasting confidence and power in our future journey, because of you, our career will be developmental and prosperous.

Through the past eight years, be grateful to those who accompanies with Tanikawa, and the next eight years, lay the beginning mind to our heart, Tanikawa will continue to make progress with you.

Happy Spring Festival, and all the best!

The Chairman in Tanikawa Technology Co., Ltd.
Xu Jia

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