Tanikawa successfully completed 128 projects in the first quarter of 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Tanikawa successfully completed 128 projects, and provided excellent services for many cooperative companies.

1. Zhongliang Real Estate starts business operation in Jingbin Industrial Park

As a diversified and comprehensive group company, Zhongliang Real Estate ranked among the top 30 in comprehensive power rankings in 2017, ranking 10th in both its operating ability and growth. The project is a group tax management project for senior executives of the Group. Currently, it only involves the Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province, Wenzhou and Taiwan regions. It is estimated that it can realize an annual tax payment of 20 million yuan after it is officially put into operation.

After learning that the company wants to expand the partnership business, Tanikawa professional investment consultants fully tap the company’s demands, and while the communicated the regional policies that be focused by the Zhong Liang Real Estate, they also infiltrated the policy advantages of Jingbin Industrial Park, and promoted the company to inspect the Park and coordinated the details of the company’s registration. Finally, they signed cooperation agreement.

2. Pan Tao Environment Co. Led. starts business operation in Jing-Jin Technology Valley

As an innovative and environmentally-friendly high-tech enterprise, Pan Tao’s business covers five major segments: clean heating, exhaust gas treatment, water treatment, environmental remediation and environmental consulting. After knowing that the company had a demand for land, Tanikawa communicated the business requirements with the company, but it has not made any progress. Afterwards, Tanikawa professional investment consultants changed their thinking. On the one hand, Tanikawa carried out business research and feedback to the Valley. Pan Tao obtained the highly recognized by the Valley. On the other hand, Tanikawa deepened the communication with the company, clarified their investment plan, and took advantage of the land index of the Valley. Tanikawa promoted mutual visits and inspections, built up trust, and penetrated the successful cases of homogeneous companies entering the park. Eventually, under the joint efforts of Tanikawa and Jing-Jin Technology Valley, the two parties signed cooperation.

The cooperation between Tanikawa and Jing-Jin Technology Valley has a long history. Over the years, in order to transformation and upgrading, innovation and development for the Park, Tanikawa has delivered a large number of quality projects to the Valley, and these project has received favorable reception by the leaders of the Valley.

In the future, Tanikawa will try the best effort, to help more enterprises to realize their new ambition.

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