Shanghai focuses on promoting the opening of Aviation and Other fields

In the “100 measures to further expand opening-up” action plan released by Shanghai on the 10th, the leading industries such as automobiles, aircraft and ships are key open areas. At the press conference of the municipal government on July 11, Huang Ou, the deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee, introduced that Shanghai encourages foreign investors to invest in advanced manufacturing and fully implements the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system. Focus on promoting further opening up in the fields of automobile, aviation, shipbuilding, green import remanufacturing and maintenance, and promote the operation of major industrial projects. And will develop the automobile and electronic information industry, and actively cultivate industrial clusters such as civil aviation, biomedicine, high-end equipment, and green chemicals.

He said that according to the national deployment, it will speed up the elimination of restrictions on foreign-investment ratios in the automobile manufacturing industry and the number of joint ventures of OEMs. Attracting world-renowned Foreign-Funded Enterprises to build R&D centers and High-end Automobile Projects, supporting high-performance motors, batteries, electronic control and other core components supporting projects.

The aviation industry will attract foreign investment in aircraft engine assembly, airborne systems and key components, support foreign investment in Shanghai to develop aircraft maintenance and department maintenance services, and strengthen cooperation in talent, technology and management.

At the same time, cancel the foreign investment restrictions in the aircraft industry, including trunk aircraft, regional aircraft, general aircraft, helicopters, drones, and aerostats.

The Shipbuilding Industry will carry out international cooperation at a higher level, insisting on the direction of high-tech ships and offshore engineering equipment, and canceling foreign investment restrictions in ship design, manufacturing and repair. Support foreign investment in the development of luxury cruise ships and other high-end shipbuilding, ship design and research and development and other high-end industrial chain, support foreign high-end ship equipment, key parts and components projects.

In the green import re-manufacturing and maintenance industry, the national import high-end equipment re-manufacturing industry demonstration park will be built. Accelerate research to provide support and assistance to Foreign-funded Enterprises engaged in green re-manufacturing and global maintenance operations, and actively assist in the approval process for imported equipment in the re-manufacturing process.

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