As the most professional site selection counseling service provider in China, Tanikawa provides one-stop service for investors from enterprise site selection to official operation. Tanikawa provides optimal support for enterprises in terms of site selection strategy, through the scientific method, the systematic location selection strategy and the localized service team. At present, Tanikawa has professional site service team with more than 200 people in 13 cities in China, we also have established deep cooperation relationships with more than 5,000 government units throughout the country, provided site selection counseling services for more than 100,000 enterprises, and assisted over 2,000 enterprises in selecting satisfactory investment destinations and starting their business activities.

· Set up a WFOE

The advantage for WFOE in China

1) Compared with joint ventures with Chinese companies, WFOE is more free and independent, the foreign parent companies can consider their investments as complementary of their global strategies;
2) Compared with the establishment of a Representative Office in China, it has a stronger operation capability in the business;
3) Free transfer between RMB and U.S. dollar and transfer to its parent company in the way of Telegraphic Transfer;
4) It benifits to protect its own intellectual property and patented technology;
5) There are no special requirements for the import and export license of its own products;
6) Can set and enjoy all personnel management rights;
7) Business management, development and operation can have higher efficiency.

· Joint Venture

Features of a Joint Venture in China

1)The organizational form of the Chinese-foreign joint venture is Limited Liability Company with the status of a legal entity. As a shareholder, both parties of the joint venture shall bear limited liability for the debts of the enterprise.
2)Among the shareholders of a Joint Venture, the alien side could be foreign companies, enterprises, other economic organizations or individuals, while Chinese team only includes Chinese companies, enterprises, and other industrial organizations, except to Chinese citizens.
3)For the registered capital of a Joint Venture, the proportion of the contribution of a foreign party shall not be less than 25%.
4)The Chinese and foreign party shall profits, losses and recover the investment under the proportion of capital contribution.
5)Joint Venture shall not have the shareholders’ meeting, and its supreme authority shall be the board of directors.
6)The members of the board of directors shall allocate according to the proportion of investment and the articles of association of the Joint Venture.
7)Joint Venture shall not have a veto on the directors appointed by the other party, but the qualifications of the directors shall not violate the provisions of the company law on the criteria of the directors.

· Representative Office

The advantage for Representative Office in China

1)No registered capital required for incorporation, which means it is accessible for most foreign companies; Low cost for setting up (compared to exclusively foreign-owned enterprise), no lowest limit for a registered fund, no requirement for contributed capital;
2)Rep Office in China allows you to engage in market research, publicity activities relate to company product or services;
3)The representative office china taxation calculation is different compared to WFOE and JV on its running expenses. There is a 10% tax on the GROSS EXPENSES of the Rep Office;
4)It is easy for an accountant to process accounting & tax filling;
5)It is helpful to apply for a residence permit;
6)For the investors who want to invest Chinese mainland, the first thing is doing a market survey, then decide whether to make a long-term investment or not, so the representative office is just like a bridge;
7)Foreign investors can set up a representative office first if they want to set foot in the field that is forbidden for a foreign merchant, because China may alter the foreign investment law of the people’s republic of China more freely because of the promise that China made it for joining WTO. Setting up representative office means they can get into the Chinese market and get contact resources and know more about the market.                               

· Trading Company

In China, a Trading Company requires an import – export license that enables it to import and export goods. One of the main reason to open an import – export company is to reclaim your VAT back. The Shanghai free-trade Zone is one of the fastest places in China to reclaim your VAT. This makes Shanghai one of the most popular destination for company registrations.         

· Food&Beverage Company

The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is growing rapidly in China. During the past decade, the industry has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 30%. The increasing demand for new products and services has encouraged foreign entrepreneurs to enter the Chinese market.

The first thing to consider when starting a food and beverage company in China is location. In the case of a restaurant or distributor, you must rent the premises before beginning the registration procedure. To avoid leasing out a place that’ll be rejected by the government, safety measures should be taken. We can help you establish these measures in advance.

· Manufacturing Company

If you wish to manufacture products in China, you must register your company as a China Manufacturing Company, also called a manufacturing WFOE. In some instances, the government may provide incentives and tax breaks for foreign manufacturing companies. The rules and regulations for manufacturing companies are complicated. Hence, to get started, professional guidance is recommended. Tanikawa has developed unequaled expertise in the registration of manufacturing companies.

Accurate and objective market report is the basis for every successful decision. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) needs absolute understanding for the investment market, China as the country with the fastest growing economy, in recent years, it has been attracting a large number of investors from around the world.

· Region and Industry Analysis

Tanikawa will analyze the situation between the enterprise and business market, including its industry, project requirements, industry gathering, intenional region, transportation requirements and so on. And then, we will match the suitable regions with the investment project for clients.

Tanikawa will provide an optimal Project Investment Planning according the enterprise’s requirements.

· Policy Analysis

In China, the business policy has differences in the different industries and regions. Tanikawa will help enterprises to learn the relevant supporting policy according the situation and requirements from the enterprise.

And also will help enterprises to obtain the most preferential supporting policies.

· Investment Analysis

Tanikawa will provide customized industry analysis according to the different industries of investors. The research team is composed of professional researchers who analyze the property market and study the development of the industry. We have a large database that covers detailed information about the country’s properties, including historical supply, demand, absorbance data and transaction comparison information. Combining forward-looking insight and market information, we will provide customized reports of all types based on customer needs so that you can respond to current market conditions and plan for the future.

· Property Research & Evaluation

Tanikawa will research and match the relevant property according enterprises’ project requirements, such as land, workshop, wareshouse and office building.

All kinds of property have two types: from government units or from private. Tanikawa will help to analyze and evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and potential risk of every type. And provide the optimal planning for investors.

Tanikawa can provide the most timely tax planning and high risk coping strategies for enterprises. And Set up a professional team to study revenue preferential policy from all kinds of countries and cities, and convey these information to the enterprise. Also, we will provide perennial tax consultants, the final settlement of corporate income tax, liquidation for increment tax on land value, tax cancellation, tax investigation and many other business, and help enterprises, individuals to receive government support funds and tax return awards.

· Registered Company

Tanikawa provides China registered office address in many major cities to enable foreign investors to expand Chinese market more easily and gain quicker access to the local market shares.

Tanikawa has the rich resources for Office Building in most hot cities in China, can help foreign investors to find their classificated office address on the large extent.

· Bank Account Opening

The Bank Account Opening is one of the most important setup for business operation for Foreign-funded Enterprises. Tanikawa will assist enterprises during the Bank Account Opening Process. To open a Bank Account you must be present at the bank but you will be accompanied with an assistant helping with translation and ensuring that the process is done correctly.

· Monthly Accounting Service

Tanikawa will provide the monthly accounting service for clients, including Agent Tax, Create an Account, Prepare Accounting Report, and so on.   

· Invoice Issue

Given the importance and Chinese characteristics of China invoice, nearly all foreign enterprises have questions regarding China’s Invoice after they established their WFOEs or Joint Ventures. The latest VAT (Value Added Tax) Invoice reform in China makes the invoice system in China harder to understand. Tanikawa will help investors to deal with the any step about invoice issues.

· Personal Income Tax

Tanikawa will analyze the enterprise’s situation and help them to learn the detail information and regulation about personal income tax. Also, will assist the enterprise to deal with the relevant procedures.

From the factory manufacturing industry to the logistics warehouse, the industrial real estate team with rich experience in Tanikawa can help you to consider the land acquisition, recruitment, tax incentives, supply chain, infrastructure, market access and other elements, to complete the manufacturing, office R & D and logistics warehouse location market research, help you to obtain a location program combined with low-cost and efficient operation.

·  Workshop & Warehouse

The industrial real estate team in Tanikawa has cooperated corporately with industrial real estate developers, tenants and investors, Tanikawa can provide solutions planning for property management and industrial asset challenges from the single property to a multinational portfolio. With our extensive experience in the selection of industrial properties and logistics warehouses, our team will ensure that the site analysis and strategy are scientifically in terms of warehousing and distribution facilities, manufacturing plants or other industrial spaces, to support your business development goals in a better way.

·  Acquisition of Land

In China, there are two ways can obtain land for investors: Purchase and Leasing. Tanikawa has build the cooperation with more than 5,000 government units nationwide, and the rich land resources. Tanikawa will research and evaluate the suitable land resources according to their intenional area, and will sift the most suitable land for investors.

In addition, Tanikawa will help investors to make a suitable investing planning according their different industries and requirements.

·  Office leasing

In view of the needs of office space for office space, the company is based on a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the market data, combined with the different requirements of different places on the office location and the specific needs of the office space for enterprises, to provide selection analysis and strategy for enterprises on purchasing and relocation of office space, and choose the suitable office space for clients to achieve the best investment strategy and long-term earnings.

⋅  Assistance communication

Tanikawa has build the deep cooperation with more than 5,000 government units nationwide. Tanikawa has adequate resources on the government relationships. And will help the Foreign Investment Enterprises or Foreign Investors to communicate and build the cooperation bridge between each other, so that the Foreign Investment Enterprises and Foreign Investors to start their business operation successfully on the large extent.

At this point, Tanikawa will provide the full process service for clients.

⋅  Financial Subsidy

Tanikawa will analyze enterprises’ current situation and develop the best solution with respect to existing subsidy policies. And will avoid risks in enterprises’ financial subsidy applications so that the application can proceed smoothly.

Through efficient and professional planning, Tanikawa can help Foreign Investment Enterprises to quickly realize their financial and tax optimization objectives at a lower cost, while reducing their potential risk.

Also, Tanikawa will help Foreign Investment Enterprises to communicate and match the suitable financial subsidy with their investment project on the large extent.

⋅  Tax Incentives

Tanikawa will analyze enterprises’ current situations and develop the best solutions with respect to existing tax incentive policies. Also will avoid risks in enterprises’ tax incentive applications so that the application can proceed smoothly.

Through efficient and professional planning, Tanikawa will help Foreign Investment Enterprises to communicate with the Industry Park or the local government to strive the optimal tax incentives.

· Legal Service

Legal factors include – health and safety, equal opportunities, advertising standards, consumer rights and laws, employment legislation, product labelling and product safety, international as well as trade regulation and restrictions.. An organisation must understand what is legal and allowed within the territories they operate in. They also must be aware of any change in legislation and the impact this may have on business operations.

It is clear that companies need to know what is and what is not legal in order to trade successfully. If an organisation trades globally this becomes a very tricky area to get right as each country has its own set of rules and regulations.

Tanikawa will help the Foreign Investment Enterprises to learn the business law in China and provide the relevant legal service.

· HR & Recruitment

The job market in China is becoming more and more competitive. Foreign companies may face the issue of finding open-minded and strong English speaking talent with a long-term experience. We will help you to improve results with less internal effort and in a shorter time, finding the employee profiles that match best your company’s objectives.

· Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are both aspects of strategic management, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies and similar entities that can help an enterprise grow rapidly in its sector or location of origin, or a new field or new location, without creating a subsidiary, other child entity or using a joint venture.

Tanikawa will provide the relevent legal service for enterprises that has the plan to acquire other companies, so that can help them to avoid the risk during the business operation on the large extent.

· Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration, as a means of brand protection, is taken seriously by investors in various countries. Brand protection is a kind of region specific protection and different countries have their own requirements for trademark registration.

Tanikawa provides trademark application and registration services in China, and deals with various issues for our clients during trademark application process.

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