As a professional site selection consulting service supplier in China, Tanikawa provides one-stop service for investors from enterprise site selection to official operation. Tanikawa provides optimal support for enterprises in terms of site selection strategy, through the scientific method, the systematic location selection strategy and the localized service team. 

Tanikawa regards “Thinking for clients, Using for clients and Servicing for clients” as the purpose to create the online bridge between investors and merchants. At present, Tanikawa has professional site service teams with more than 300 people in 12 cities in China, we also have established deep cooperation relationships with more than 6,000 government units throughout the country, provided site selection counseling services for more than 160,000 enterprises, and assisted over 2,200 enterprises in selecting satisfactory investment destinations and starting their business activities.

Our Purpose

Tanikawa Technology Co., Ltd. commits to create regional economy and develops new motivation, improves the entering and operation of industries and develops administrative marketization and industrialization.

Our Goal

We will build the service platform of the whole industrial chain, help enterprises to conduct the site selection with scientific methods to develop efficiently, assist the government to develop industries and improve environment. Finally, we will combine the technology, information and service, and makes our service to cover the every city around the world.

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