Registered Company

Tanikawa provides China registered office address in many major cities to enable foreign investors to expand Chinese market more easily and gain quicker access to the local market shares. 

Tanikawa has the rich resources for Office Building in most hot cities in China, can help foreign investors to find their classificate office address on the large extent.

Bank Account Opening

The Bank Account Opening is one of the most important setp for business operation for Foreign-funded Enterprises. Tanikawa will assist enterprises during the Bank Account Opening Process. To open a Bank Account you must be present at the bank but you will be accompanied with an assistant helping with translation and ensuring that the process is done correctly.

Monthly Accounting Service

Tanikawa will provide the monthly accounting service for clients, including Agent Tax, Creat an Account, Prepare Accounting Report, and so on.

Invoice Issue

Given the importance and Chinese characteristics of China invoice, nearly all foreign enterprises have questions regarding China’s Invoice after they established their WFOEs or Joint Ventures. The latest VAT (Value Added Tax) Invoice reform in China makes the invoice system in China harder to understand. Tanikawa will help investors to deal with the any step about invoice issus.

Personal Income Tax

Tanikawa will analyze the enterprise's situation and help them to learn the detail information and regulation about personal income tax. Also, will assist the enterprise to deal with the relevant procedures.

If you need any help from us. Please leave your contact information ,we will be touch shortly. You also can email us if you would prefer.