Region and Industry Analysis

Tanikawa will analyze the situation between the enterprise and business market, including its industry, project requirements, industry gathering, intenional region, transportation requirements and so on. And then, we will match the suitable regions with the investment project for clients.

Tanikawa will provide an optimal Project Investment Planning according the enterprise's requirements.

Policy Analysis

In China, the business policy has differences in the different industries and regions. Tanikawa will help enterprises to learn the relevant supporting policy according the situation and requirements from the enterprise.

And also will help enterprises to obtain the most preferential supporting policies.

Investment Analysis

Tanikawa will provide customized industry analysis according to the different industries of investors. The research team is composed of professional researchers who analyze the property market and study the development of the industry. We have a large database that covers detailed information about the country’s properties, including historical supply, demand, absorbance data and transaction comparison information. Combining forward-looking insight and market information, we will provide customized reports of all types based on customer needs so that you can respond to current market conditions and plan for the future.

Property Research & Evaluation

Tanikawa will research and match the relevant property according enterprises' project requirements, such as land, workshop, wareshouse and office building.

All kinds of property have two types: from government units or from private. Tanikawa will help to analyze and evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and potential risk of every type. And provide the optimal planning for investors.

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