Build a global supply chain management system.

January 2021, Zhaoshang.com was bought overseas for $1 million.

January 2021, Zhaoshang.com was bought overseas for $1 million.


January 2020, the company was set up in Xuzhou.

January 2020, Tianjin University of Commerce opened the first experimental class of investment attraction in China.

June 2020, Tianjin's first Tanikawa High-tech Industrial Park was officially signed for operation.

July 2020, Tianjin Foreign Studies University opened the first experimental class of attracting foreign investment in China.

September 2020, the company was set up in Nanchang.

November 2020, Tanikawa Intelligent Manufacturing Ecological Community was established in Shanghai.


May 2019, Congzhao.com was launched as an online learning platform for investment attraction.

July 2019, the investment network was revised and launched to make investment easier.

September 2019, Xiuchuan Industrial Internet Service Platform was launched.

November 2019, Tanikawa Hi-Tech was established and Vietnam Company was established.

December 2019, the One Belt And One Road platform along the line went online.


May 2018,Tanikawa Industrial Corporation Ltd. was established

July 2018, the new official website of Tanikawa Bank was launched, and the latest solutions and industrial services were released.


February 2017, Xinjiang branch was established.
March 2017, Jinan branch was established.
March 2017, Xiamen branch was established.
June 2017, Shenzhen branch was established.
June 2017,Tanikawa University was established
July 2017, Hangzhou branch was established.
November 2017, Wuhan branch was established.
December 2017, Chengdu branch was established


September 2016, Shanghai branch was established.

November 2016, Tianjin Investment Promotion Association was established, and Chairman of Tanikawa Union Bank served as chairman


March 2015, Beijing branch was established.

April 2015, Qingdao branch was established.
August 2015, Tanikawa Hi-tech Innovation Industry Base was completed.
December 2015, www.xuanzhi.com launched officially.
December 2015, Guangzhou branch was established.


August 2013, the English version of China Merchants Website launched.
November 2013, Tanikawa Property Co.Ltd was established and focused on industrial plant transaction services.


February 2012, the third platform China Merchants Website launched, and 31 regional sub-station launched successively.


September 2010, China Merchants Website Project Management Cloud System (PMS) launched officially.


September 2009, the company was established, and committed to create the online bridge between all kind of investors and merchants.

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