Workshop & Warehouse

The industrial real estate team in Tanikawa has cooperated corporately with industrial real estate developers, tenants and investors, Tanikawa can provide solutions planning for property management and industrial asset challenges from the single property to a multinational portfolio. With our extensive experience in the selection of industrial properties and logistics warehouses, our team will ensure that the site analysis and strategy are scientifically in terms of warehousing and distribution facilities, manufacturing plants or other industrial spaces, to support your business development goals in a better way.

Acquisition of Land

In China, there are two ways can obtain land for investors: Purchase and Leasing. Tanikawa has build the cooperation with more than 5,000 government units nationwide, and the rich land resources. Tanikawa will research and evaluate the suitable land resources according to their intenional area, and will sift the most suitable land for investors.

In addition, Tanikawa will help investors to make a suitable investing planning according their different industries and requirements.

Office Leasing

In view of the needs of office space for office space, the company is based on a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the market data, combined with the different requirements of different places on the office location and the specific needs of the office space for enterprises, to provide selection analysis and strategy for enterprises on purchasing and relocation of office space, and choose the suitable office space for clients to achieve the best investment strategy and long-term earnings.

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